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Business Services
Founded in October 1999, DEHeap Enterprises, Inc. initially offered its business consulting services solely to members of the Philadelphia German-American business community.

Before long, our customer base expanded to include local businesses as well. Advertising and marketing firms looked to us to untangle sales and property tax accounts. Landscaping and solar energy companies asked for help with marketing. A large software corporation contracted with us to standardize off-ledger entries created in Excel. To name but a few examples...

We still enjoy our work with international businesses, whether American subsidiaries of German corporations or American companies with affiliates overseas. These days, however, "local" means Greater Los Angeles instead of Philadelphia.

Whoever you are, whatever your business model, no matter your immediate need, let us partner with you to make your company more profitable, your employees less frustrated, your processes more efficient.

We are QuickBooks specialists. We know the software inside and out, since Denise Heap (our founder) has used that program since 1991 - when its DOS version was born. She is a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor. See the QuickBooks page for more information, then contact us to arrange an appointment.

Additionally, the next time you need a document translatedguerrilla marketing counsel, a business seminarresearch undertaken, or whatever else to keep your company operating smoothly, think of us!

And on the lighter side, when you want travel tipsfun stuff for your staff, or help with your genealogy hobby, think of us again.
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