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Business seminars
In addition to our one-on-one services, we also provide business seminars. We will come to your headquarters for larger groups, or provide a comfortable off-site setting for individuals and small groups for a more in-depth approach to a particular topic.

Current seminars include:
  • Coping with Cultural Differences. Especially useful for American subsidiaries of European corporations, or American companies with European subsidiaries or affiliates. We may "look" similar to our European counterparts, but we certainly don't work like it! How can you minimize the impact of cultural differences on your operations?
  • Guerrilla Marketing for the Start-Up or Small Company. Brainstorming session with your key people to determine the best route to take: Short-term, medium-term, and long-term wish lists!
  • Assessing Your Company's Strengths (and Weaknesses). How can you know what you do well, and where you should concentrate your capital? We will show you how to analyze costs by project or product, how to gain meaningful customer feedback, and how to keep it all going.
  • Setting Up QuickBooks - Right! It's a marvelous tool, but are you using it to the fullest extent of its capabilities? We will show you how, and train your key employees on its use. (Recommended only for dates at your location.) - See our QuickBooks page for information on additional services offered.
  • Team-Building Made Easy. So you've got a great bunch of people on board, but they just don't seem to mesh? When we're done, they should communicate better AND enjoy their jobs a bit more. No gimmicks, just people skills. Oh, and not one single incidence of "catch me" trust games either...
For seminars held off-site, we provide lunch and two coffee breaks. Please note that we are happy to accommodate special dietary needs with vegetarian, kosher, or low-fat meals. (We make the arrangements, and either pay for it and charge you cost + 15%, or have it invoiced directly to you.)

Please contact us for additional information (ask for Joyce). Or click on the following links to order, if you already know what you need.

Coping with Cultural Differences

Guerrilla Marketing for the Start-Up or Small Company

Assessing Your Company's Strengths (and Weaknesses)

Setting Up QuickBooks - Right!

Team-Building Made Easy
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