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    I still have my very first cookbook. Entitled appropriately enough, My First Cookbook. Legend has it that our wonderful mother did not know how to cook when she married our father, so she boiled her first pot roast instead of roasting it. Since our father loved pot roast, he insisted on cooking all roasts for the next ten years or so. (Some have noted that we have a brilliant mother!)
    Although food tends be of great importance to the average American household, learning how to cook took precedence over most other domestic skills in ours. Even our brother is a very good chef. Denise's first successful dish? Macaroni and cheese. Hmm, I think that was first successful dish for all of us. And NOT from the box.
    We therefore have published a collection of recipes - most simple and decidedly un-Gourmet - that nourished us at table. We call it My Mom's Favorite MealsClick here to order. Contact us to request a free emailed copy of Mama's recipe for Poor Man's Stroganoff.

    Somewhere along the line, we realized that FOOD could be an important tool in a matter that is important to us, that is, Jewish-German dialog. We had been considering an English translation of Henriette Davidis' Cookbook for Germans in America, published in 1879. But the University of Wisconsin beat us to it. No need to duplicate efforts.
    Yet we loved that cookbook and wanted to see an adaptation that was different. As we reviewed our options, we saw that a large number of the recipes are (not were, are!) common to German and Jewish families, recipes handed down from Omi and Bubbeleh alike.
    Kugel when you break the fast after Yom Kippur? Now, where exactly did that "Kugel" come from?
    We believe that our version of this landmark cookbook can provide common ground for the surge of German-Jewish reconciliation evident across these United States, Germany, and Israel. Wherever Hillel meets Stammtisch, why shouldn't FOOD be part of the equation?
    Click here to order. Contact us for a sample recipe.
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