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We've had so much fun looking for our own ancestors, finding mathematicians, violinists, store owners, and brick makers among the 'bats in our belfry' and meshuggeneh on the bima. Nothing quite as awesome as holding a birth record from the 18th century and knowing that real people - people you are directly connected to - are described on that page!

Has your search for information about your family tree been daunting because of German-language documents, old cursive, or sheer distance? Come to us for a jump-start on this work that will tell you much about who you are and why your family celebrates the traditions you find comforting in their familiarity.

Each volume or translation you order from us will be personalized just for you, most of them comb-bound with an attractive cover. Additional copies for family members come with a "share" discount. We can also have your books hard-bound as a special gift for family reunions. Contact us with your queries about these options.

We provide the following services:

  • Famous people report with your family surname and short biographies about their contributions to history.
  • Research the places your family lived before coming to the United States. Please note that "German" immigrants include not only those from modern-day Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland, East Prussia, and the German-speaking parts of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Poland. "German" immigrants include Jewish families, as well as Wends. Highlight of this report: We will research the special traditions connected with the places you request.
  • We can translate old family documents at a special "genealogy" rate. This translation service includes old cursive; however, old cursive is billed at a premium rate. There is no surcharge for Gothic type or Fraktur.
  • If you do not live near a Family History Center, we will do your genealogy research for you.
  • If you are serious about your family research, we will assist you in planning an itinerary to visit your ancestral home. If you'd like, we will accompany you as interpreter and tour guide.
  • All of the above except for translation services apply to British immigrants (English, Welsh, Scots, Irish). Sorry, no French or Spanish at this time.

    You can order online, or contact us with your query. If you are interested in the interpreter-tour guide option, please contact us first. There is an option in the online catalog for credit card payment for these services, but this should be used only in the event of written acceptance of our quote. 

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