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Holocaust education
    Exclamation! Publishers is pleased to work hand in hand with its affiliate, the Center for White Rose Studies, to offer quality publications related to the Shoah. Our target audience for most publications: High school and college students. Please keep that in mind!
    See especially our anthology - Leaflets of Our Resistance. It's the best place to start if you'd like to see your Holocaust education research published by our house.
    Also, check out our Call for Papers. These are the topics specifically related to German resistance during the Holocaust that we would like to develop further.
    In addition to these two anthologies, Exclamation! Publishers publishes a comprehensive line of primary source materials and histories about the White Rose in particular and German resistance in general. To see our line of primary sources, click here. For histories, click here. For white papers and research materials, click here.
    Please read our submission guidelines before querying! And, check out some of our current work. Excerpts of almost everything can be read on Google Books.

    Note: We take this part of our work very seriously. Please honor the people who lost so much, who sacrificed everything, by giving queries and submissions for this line your best effort possible.
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