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Celebrating Community

    In 2002, Ruth sat dumbfounded as a group of elderly Germans effortlessly segued from a cheery German folk song to Ha Tikvah, the national anthem of Eretz Yisroel, the land of Israel. And the minor inversion of that cheery folk song.
    That impromptu concert sparked a desire to know more about the unknown subset of German and Jewish folk meoldies and texts. How did Ein Keloheinu turn into a Shabbat favorite, when it was little more than a beer-drinking song? When did the Jewish declaration of faith become a Lutheran hymn? What does Rock of Ages have in common with Rock of Ages?
    The choral arrangements that have evolved and continue to evolve from Ruth's curiosity are thanks to intense collaboration between persons of varied faiths and "levels" of spirituality. They are intended to be sung at interfaith gatherings. At least, we believe they would make more sense in such a setting.
    They are intended to form part of our repair of this broken-hearted world. Tikkun Olam.

Since our first initiatives with this project, we've realized that Tikkun Olam applies to more than Jewish-German relations. We are therefore open to any musical project that celebrates community, that intends to form part of our repair of this broken-hearted world. Contact us if you wish to join the effort!

Scheduled release date: June 2010. Please contact us if your choral group wishes to be the first to perform these arrangements in your area, or if you would be interested in performing one or two songs from it. Concert run-time of full repertoire: Approximately ninety minutes.

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