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Wondering about the company you want to do business with? Interested in the public image of an executive you are considering hiring?

We will research that corporation or individual on the Web (and for an extra fee, in public legal documents) and in archived newspapers and magazines, presenting you with a concise - or expanded - report of their published activities. (Please note: No "private eye" investigations!)

Who is your competition? What do they do differently - for better or for worse? We will do a market analysis for you that will allow you to sell your product or services more effectively.

Do you sell residential or commercial real estate in southern California? Have you tried to convince your prospective clients of the intrinsic historical value of a property?

Let us help you by putting together a short history of the house or building. Who lived there? How has that place been interwoven into the fabric of the community? What makes it special?

To order these services, click here. PleaseĀ contact us with your query.

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