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We provide quality translation services to the area's international corporations. Most work is performed in-house, though technical and English-to-German translations are subcontracted to independent, certified translators with proofreading done in-house.

We specialize in German-to-English financial and administrative translations. Denise's 15+ years of experience as Controller for international corporations give her an unusually insightful perspective on the documents she translates (or for which she vouches for the translation).

Call us for translation of:
  • Annual company report
  • Financial statements
  • Corporate minutes and by-laws
  • Inter-company correspondence
  • Marketing material
  • Contracts and letter agreements
  • Employment documents
  • Immigration papers
We will also issue our unique Verbatim ReportSM that outlines the nuances of the document in question.

Translation services are also available for personal matters, such as old family documents and genealogical material. Gothic print and old cursive are not a problem; however, there is a surcharge for documents handwritten in old cursive.

Satisfied clients include1:
  • Advanced Nautical Products, Inc.
  • SPA Welding, Inc.
  • German American Chamber of Commerce (Houston)
  • Maxxam Property, Inc.
  • Wisenbaker Carpet
  • German Treuhandanstalt
  • Sheinfeld, Maley & Kay
  • Asher & Company
Please contact us for a quote. Or if you already know what you need, click here to order.

1Some corporations were clients of Translations Verbatim, the sole proprietorship owned by Denise E. Heap prior to the founding of DEHeap Enterprises, Inc. and Exclamation! Publishers. Projects for those clients included translations from and to 22 languages besides German.
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