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We are unashamedly a family-owned and operated business. We rely on one another for encouragement, judgment calls, affirmation of our values and ethics, and hard, hard work.

That said, we cannot be who we are or do what we do without people who have profoundedly influenced us through the years. People who have reinforced our core beliefs, or better yet, challenged them. People who have given without asking for anything in return. People whose integrity and trustworthiness remind us that those qualities matter, even in (or especially in) a world that tells us the only thing that counts is the bottom line.

Join us, then, in paying tribute to:

Lelia Henrietta Sachs, the best aunt anyone could want.
Dr. Johann Forster - everyone should have a friend like him.
Dr. Landon and Mrs. Betsy Colquitt, mentors extraordinaire.
Dr. Erich Schmorell, without whose encouragement our White Rose work would have been stillborn.
Mark London Williams - this started off as a joke, but since the compliment is sincere...!
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